HP Internship

Software R&D Intern

Summer 2018

The summer after my first year at uni, I worked at HP Inc. as a Software R&D Intern. I (still) hardly knew anything about software or R&D but I was willing to try.

During my 10 weeks there I worked on two projects: a Document Scanner mobile app which uses a transfer-learned TensorFlow Lite model to classify scanned documents, and a Receipt Rotater which segments overlapped scanned receipts and orients them accurately.

Apart from my individual work, I also got involved in many other activities, including being involved in the running of HP Hack 2018, and visiting their Indigo printing facility. This experience really opened my eyes to how R&D in a large MNC is run, and how much work is put into the development of a product.

In addition, I also found time to pick up some web development skills, and made the first iteration of this portfolio website.

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